North County San Diego's Most Experienced PGA Teaching Golf Pro for Adults & Juniors At Every Skill Level

A Teaching System Developed over 50 Years of Playing, Teaching, Coaching, and Sharing the Great Game of Golf.

Junior Summer Golf Camp at Goat Hill Park

Lessons & Training Programs For You

Men & Women

If you are just taking up the game, shaking off the rust after time away or are getting ready for a big tournament, David will get you where you want to go.

Do you have a small group ready to learn? David can run a custom class for you and your friends.

Tournament Players

If you are past the basics and looking for ways add distance from the tee, to shave strokes off on the course, sharpen your mind, and impress recruiters, David has the experience and connections you need to progress.

Boys & Girls

Your son and daughter is known as a "Junior Golfer" and there are tremendous programs, some at low costs,  just waiting to be used.

David really shines when it comes to teaching the great game  of golf to youngsters, see for yourself why so many kids have taken up golf for life with "Coach Dave."

Learn About David's Home Course, Oceanside's Goat Hill Park.


Coach Dave is on the grass range or on the course at Goat Hill Park giving golf lessons six days at week to men, women and children in private lessons, golf camps and clincs for all levels from beginner to tournament players.


Getting you off the range onto into the Game.

For too many, golf lessons start and end on the range after you have learned the grip, smashed a thousand balls, and feel ready to take on the course.

But sadly, many golfers never make that leap from the mats to the tee at all, and many more lose interest when they encounter uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations or don't play as well as they'd hoped.

David has developed a system based around the philosophy that your lessons aren't over until you are comfortable and ready to play 9 or 18 with your friends, clients or in competition. 

What's Your GPA?

Many years ago, David coined the phrase "GPA" not for your grades in high school or college but rather to emphasize the importance of your

  • GRIP

David can tell by watching only a few swings how well you will consistently make solid contact with the ball, and where improvements can be made.