North County San Diego's Most Experienced PGA Teaching Golf Pro for Adults & Juniors At Every Skill Level

Proven Swing - Score - Play System

A Teaching System Developed over 50 Years of Playing, Teaching, Coaching, and Sharing the Great Game of Golf.


Hit the High Draw ~ Anyone can do it!

Adult Instruction

If you are just taking up the game, shaking off the rust after time away or are getting ready for a big tournament, David will get you where you want to go.


Junior Golf Training

David is one of the most experienced and successful junior golf teachers in America. He offers classes for kids of all ages and skill levels, year round. All classes are taught at Goat Hill Park.

Junior Tournament Players

Developing juniors golfers is what David has done for the past 25 years from top local players to junior world champions.
If your son or daughter has a passion, he can help get to that elite level.

Learn About David's Home Course, Oceanside's Goat Hill Park.


Coach Dave is on the grass range or on the course at Goat Hill Park giving golf lessons six days at week to men, women and children in private lessons, golf camps and clincs for all levels from beginner to tournament players.

David's SWING ~SCORE~ PLAY~ System to lower scores!


Golf instruction starts with the basics of learning the GPA of golf, grip, posture, and alignments. But sadly many beginning golfers try to get the ball in the air and that can lead to many long lasting issues.

Through the years we have learned in order to lower your scores your practice should be spent on Swinging ~ Scoring ~ Playing! That is why I have come up with a system to actually improve your handicap!

Swing - your swing will be developed over time but your will learn how to move and create a swinging motion.

Score - scoring revolves around putting, chipping, and pitching so important to learn the proper feel and mechanics of short game shots.

Playing - yes playing why spend time on practicing without playing!

Learn to Play Better Golf with the GPA Method

Many years ago, David coined the phrase "GPA" not for your grades in high school or college but rather to emphasize the importance of your

  • GRIP

David can tell by watching only a few swings how well you will consistently make solid contact with the ball, and where improvements can be made.